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Best Buys at Surterre Properties

A proactive approach to market conditions will make a world of difference in the way your real estate transaction unfolds, which is why we’ve implemented a unique program designed to benefit both buyers and sellers in changing times: the Best Buys Program. Each week, a core group of our market-savvy agents convenes to pore over listings (from Surterre and from other brokerages) submitted by our entire agent roster. This committee selects properties that offer the most value for the best price. These properties are then posted on our website and published via email to every client of every agent in the company – combined, that list exceeds 30,000. In other words, if your property is priced to sell, you have the potential to be chosen for a program that will expose it to a captive audience of over 30,000 qualified buyers. The success rate of the Best Buys Program continues to soar – on average, 62% of all Best Buys have sold.

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