Real Estate Tip | Keys to a Holiday Home Sale

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Although considered a soft season for selling, the holidays offer a great opportunity for homeowners to list in a less competitive market that brings with it a crop of uniquely motivated buyers who typically aim to move before the New Year.

FrontDoor has a few tips for the holiday hopefuls among you that would like to make this season even sweeter with a sale.

Enlist a dedicated agent: You want to hire an agent who you can trust to stay focused on the sale of your home throughout the holiday season. Surterre Properties has an extensive array of experienced agents who are committed to their clients and determined to perform a successful sale no matter what time of year.

Price to sell from the get-go: If your Newport Beach home for sale is listed during the holidays, and you are intent on selling as soon as possible, it is advised that you price to sell initially, rather than make gradual price reductions.

Target motivated buyers: Work with your agent to locate home buyers who are especially motivated to purchase in a timely manner, including those who need to relocate for a job and those who are on a specific deadline.

Make a video tour: In addition to freshening up your listing photos, you can create a video tour of your property to spark the interest of potential buyers who are snuggled in front of their computers. Even if cooler temps may result in less foot traffic, you can still generate significant interest online.

Incorporate holiday cheer into your sale strategy: When executed in an elegant and understated fashion, decorating your Newport Beach home for sale during the holidays can work to win over buyers. A few twinkle lights here and some homemade holiday treats there can make them feel as if they have already come home.


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