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With personal and professional experience in the process of buying and selling property, DeAnne Amen Padgett truly understands the ins and outs of a real estate transaction. DeAnne's experience as an entrepreneur and real estate investor for more than 20 years, has allowed her to excel and understand, not just as a real estate agent, but as a trusted advisor.

DeAnne has had Real Estate expertise for more than 20 years and she understands how competitive things can get. She has adopted an aggressive approach when it comes to helping her clients obtain the properties they want or how to get their listings sold. She understand the importance of communication with her clients and between all parties involved. "I've got your back and I'm here to help you with one of the most important decisions in your life”.

A longtime Laguna Beach resident and a second home in Redlands, DeAnne has experience in multiple communities. Her invaluable knowledge and her thorough grasp of the importance of communication with her clients and between all parties involved in a transaction are complemented by her unwavering commitment to service that feels personal, comforting and honest.

As part of Surterre Properties®, DeAnne is in the ultimate position to take her signature brand of outstanding service to the next level. Exclusive resources — including an award-winning in-house advertising studio and the latest advances in industry technology — give her the support she needs to focus her energy on her clients, while ensuring the utmost in value.

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